symqle-modeler-cli - generates symqle model sources from database metadata


            java -jar symqle-modeler-cli-1.0-109-exec.jar -c configFile [options]


symqle-modeler-cli reads settings from configFile, connects to the specified database and generates symqle model sources. configFile has java.util.Properties format, see reference for detailed description of parameters.


Some parameters may be specified as command line options. If they are already defined in config file, command line values have precedence.

  • -c,--config <arg> specifies location of config file. Absolute or relative path.
  • -C,--database-catalog <arg> specifies catalog
  • -d,--database-url <arg> specifies jdbcUrl
  • -j,--java-classpath <arg> specifies classpath
  • -o,--output-dir <arg> specifies outputDirectory
  • -p,--password-prompt prompt for jdbcPasswordy
  • --s,--samples-dir <arg> specifies samplesDirectory
  • -S,--database-schema <arg> specifies schema
  • -u,--user <arg> specifies jdbcUser
  • -v,--verbose verbose logging

Exit status

  • 0 success
  • 1 missing -c option, unreadable configFile, missing mandatory parameter
  • 2 modeler failure: cannot read database metadata, cannot write source files etc.